Customs House Broker

Do you like filing your tax return? Now imagine you had to file a return for every paycheck? Brrrrrr, what a nightmare to stay on top of ever changing regulations! Now imagine that taxes were regulated by multiple agencies, ones that demand information from you, thus, creating even more hurdles for you to overcome. Again, apply this to every paycheck.

This is the potential time-consuming and legal nightmare you face on every shipment you import!

We act as your Licensed Customs Broker – the equivalent of your CPA. We take the worry out of filing and accounting for your duty and taxes on every box that crosses the border and not only with Customs – we deal with a whole host of agencies that regulate all the imaginable commodities entering the country.

Let our experienced and professional staff guide you through the regulatory maze for which you are liable as an importer. Let’s ameliorate the worry of compliance, time consuming paperwork, and archaic documentation requirements which can easily put a major wrench in your supply chain, grind it to a halt and make it impossible to supply your clients.

Put our expertise to work for you in keeping your goods moving to their final destination, extend your capabilities by working with our experts and focus on the core competencies of your business to build your success!

We have expertise working with various government agencies:

  • FDA – Food & Drug Administration
  • ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • FCC – Federal Communications Commission
  • USDA – United States Dept of Agriculture
  • FWS – Fish & Wildlife Service
Our Customs House Brokerage services include:

  • Custom clearance for all commodities
  • Remote location (custom entry) filing
  • Automated broker interface to electronically clear shipments
  • Drawback-import duty drawback entry process
  • Customs Bond-Single entry and continuous bonds applications
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