Export 101

Timely movement of goods to market requires an efficient distribution network. Thornley & Pitt, Inc. can create and manage a warehouse program customized to meet your specific needs from simple warehouse and distribution to EDI.

Compliance with foreign country regulations is complicated and burdensome. Inaccurate or untimely performance can result in delays, fines or even confiscation. With extensive experience and strong customer service, Thornley & Pitt, Inc. can provide you with compliance, valuation, tariff classification, delivery, drawback and any other shipping services you may need.

Our longevity in this business has taught us that being on the cutting edge of the current technology is essential. Our fully computerized import operation allows us to offer you the fastest possible clearance available. That is why our clients trust our highly trained customer service oriented staff able to respond to your essential customs transportation questions.

If for any reason you must send goods back to their destination, as in the case of a re-call, you are in experienced and trusted hands if you call T&P. Successfully negotiating your products to their origin country is essential to many businesses.

Now that your order is prepared and your goods ready for shipment, it seems burdensome to follow up in house. Negotiating transportation for complex shipments can drain your company’s resources. This is why Thornley & Pitt works diligently with its partners world wide to ensure you have competitive rates, while we take care of the formalities associated with transportation.

Our transportation partners are working exceptionally hard to guarantee you competitive rates. Allow us to take the guess work away from moving your goods onto an air or ocean container, from a warehouse or retail location, to be shipped to a warehouse, moved through state lines, passed through foreign ports, arriving on time and intact at your desired location.

With one easy phone call, Thornley & Pitt, Inc. can be your one stop transportation provider, offering competitive pricing and hassle-free attention.

Contact one of our friendly staff who can provide you with brokering services.

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