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The World is Your Oyster – We Serve It Up!

Thornley & Pitt has met your shipping brokerage needs for over 100 years by keeping pace with the ever changing global-export industry.

We know our clients and we understand their unique requirements. We offer personalized service tailored to meet our client’s specific needs so that their goods are cleared and delivered as soon as possible.

Our expert staff is experienced in negotiating freight, insurance, warehouse and customs bonds at competitive rates. Working with our national chain of associates we can manage shipments every step of the way.

We provide you personal service tailored to meet your specific needs so goods arrive at their destination as soon as possible. Combined with consistent personal development for our staff and a collaborative environment we are a licensed Customs House Broker and Ocean Freight Forwarder.

Our customs tailored service will deal with the myriad red-tape details of federal and state regulations. Our staff frees your staff to use their expertise for your company’s core competencies, thereby encouraging the income generation of your company.

After or before your cargo is loaded on ship or airplane, we can administer inland transportation to destination warehouses, retail locations or end users.

Timely movement of goods to market requires an efficient distribution network. T&P can create and manage a warehouse program customized to meet your specific needs from simple warehouse and distribution to EDI.

We provide cyclical receipt and delivery of your product from specified locations throughout the world with consistency.

Because we are constantly in the loop with transporters and government agencies, we notify you when your goods have cleared and when they should be available.

On a daily basis the T&P staff tackles complex issues associated with

  • Federal and States Regulations
  • International Tariffs
  • Customs documentation
  • Currencies
  • Inland transportation
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Cargo Transportation
  • And the many other facets of international shipping

Without a transportation and logistics partner, moving goods to market domestically our internationally is an ongoing challenge considering the maze of regulations attached to many goods. Our friendly staff will help in importing your products by air and sea, providing door to door service, clearing your cargo through the spaghetti bowl of bureaucratic rules and regulations while providing you with up to date information on the progress of your cargo. Likewise we assist you in breaking in to new overseas markets by expanding your reach through our global network of independent agents.

Through our licensing by various federal agencies and our participation in C-TPAT and TSA we ar

e an integral part of keeping the supply chain safe. We assist you in bringing your goods through an ever tighter security network. We ensure that you become a part of the solution by maintaining compliance with these strict safety measures and keeping the general public safe and secure.

Have a great business idea?

We can help you get going on your creative plan and avoid costly penalties by addressing essential administrative regulations.

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