Cargo Insurance

We can broker insurace for your cargo moving via our forwarding services. Due to the nature of transportation, coverage will help you gain peace of mind against damage or loss. Insurance cost is a very small fraction of the value of your cargo. For both sellers and buyers, Thornley & Pitt, Inc. will negotiate insurance with our underwriters at very competitive prices.

Why should you choose Thornley & Pitt., Inc. to cover your cargo?

  • We underwirte with Lloyd’s of London, a premier insurance company offering you peace of mind.
  • The rates we offer are often below the rate a conventional import/export company will receive because of the volume and bargaining leverage we enjoy with the carriers.
  • Additionally, Thornley & Pitt, Inc. offers more comprehensive insurance coverage including all risk, door to door and War and Strike, Riots and Civil Commotions.

How does risk affect you and in what instances do you face risk?

  • Both seller and buyer face risks during domestic and international cargo transport.
  • It is the responsibility of both parties to insure goods.
  • As the seller, you need protection in case a buyer doesn’t pay for lost or damaged goods.
  • As a seller you face risk until cargo is delivered as agreed by invoice according to INCO Terms at which point the buyer is liable for any loss or damage.
  • Once goods are off loaded and domestic transportation commences, we offer insurance for your goods until shipment is officially terminated.
  • As a transportation intermediary, we offer protection for your goods while they are waiting in warehouses for their next destination and throughout the transportation process.
  • Coverage may be limited depending on which country your goods transit, Lloyd’s of London will cover most countries and we will be happy to inform you whether countries relevant to your shipment qualify.

To receive more information, call one of our helpful staff to get a rate quote on your air or ocean shipment with the following information handy:

  • The type of commodity
  • The value of the shipment
  • Cargo traveling ocean or air
  • How the goods are packed
  • The origin location
  • The destination of the goods
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